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Deeming Waiver, NOW/Comp, and Social Security Disability Services?

In this brief video, Ann Barnhardt of Help Them Grow explains the importance of the Deeming Waiver, Comp/NOW, and Social Security Disability for children with developmental delays. 


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Help Them Grow provides assistance and guidance in applying for and obtaining the Deeming Waiver, NOW/Comp, and Social Security Disability for children and adults with developmental delays. According to the CDC, one in every six children in the United States has a disability.  One in every 59 children has Autism. Twenty-three percent of adults in the U.S. have a disability.  At Help Them Grow, we believe the need for services does not end with childhood.  We are dedicated to helping children and adults receive the services they need to thrive. 


Established in 2005, Help Them Grow provides assistance to families of children and adults with special needs.  With over 40 years of medical experience, Ann Elliott and her proficient team provide Deeming Waiver, NOW/Comp, and Social Security Disability Services.


The path to obtaining resources and services for children and adults with special needs is challenging.  Navigating multiple applications, online systems, and office red tape can leave a caregiver feeling helpless.  We are here to help.


Every child and adult deserves a successful life filled with possibility, not disability.  We strive to empower families and individuals so that they may achieve their highest standard of living. 

what people say

"My twins were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) when they were 7 (they are now 10).  The Marcus Autism Center in Atlanta referred us to Ann Elliott and her team at Raise them High to help us complete the Katie Beckett application.  She helped us get through the incredible difficult application process and get both of them approved on the first try!   Even after they were approved she is a great resource for us.  I highly recommend her.  She is well worth the money!"

- Danette

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