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Ann Barnhardt, with a lot of help, support, and duct tape, built Help Them Grow on the premise that every child, every person, should receive the tools and services necessary to help them become more successful adults.  Over time, we have expanded our services to include adults.  We have been fortunate to have helped hundreds of families and look forward to helping many more.  


Help Them Grow works tirelessly to assist families with special needs children and adults. In our spare time we participate in community outreach and Autism Speaks, and have been voted "Hero for Autism" multiple times.

The mission of Help Them Grow is to provide the tools and services necessary to help every child, every person, become a successful individual.



president, director, and chief of getting it done

Specialties: Deeming Waiver Services, NOW/COMP Services, Social Security Disability Services

Professional Development: 40+ years in Pediatric and Emergency Nursing

Becky Photo.JPG


assistant director, and all around go getter

Specialties: Deeming Waiver, NOW/COMP Services, Social Security Disability

Professional Development: Masters Degree - Kennesaw State University

Mike Photo_edited.jpg


director of operations, and advisor extraordinaire

Specialties: Technology and IT

Professional Development: Psychology Degree, Apple, inc., AT&T

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